The Jewels Scholarship Fund has been set up to fund the tuition fees of young girls aged between 18 and 23 and resident in the UK or Africa. We aim to assist young girls who:


are less advantaged but academically gifted


are determined and inspirational in their own rights.


without our help might not be able to fulfill their educational desires.

The Organisation and its Sponsors, Donors and Partners fund the Higher Educational tuition needs of these under privileged but intelligent young girls and the young girls are referred to as ‘Jewels’.

We need your help!!!

Sponsors are organisations, companies, firms and individual that Sponsor a Jewel

Donors are organisations, companies, firms and individual that makes regular or a one off donation

Partners are other organisations, charities, volunteers that willingly and freely give their time, talent, money, resources and other valuable material to the project

You can download a copy of our leaflet for further information



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