The Fund is available for young ladies who are less advantaged but academically gifted, determined, inspirational in their own rights.

In order to be eligible for sponsorship under our Programme, candidates must be able to successfully provide evidence of the following and get through our various stages of assessment.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate the following


Proof of financial ‘Hardship’


Documentation of past examination results – (Official Certificates and transcripts)
Proof of Admission into a Institution of Higher Education
Academic References


Extra Curricular Activity
Must be involved in a civic engagement project, one that allows the ‘Jewel’ to reach out to younger girls in her community.


Internal vetting
Write an Essay which describes why the candidate should be considered to be a Jewel and how she meets specific criteria of a Jewel. (no more than 500 words)
Attend a selection examination
Attend a final qualification interview
Attend an induction day

Who is a Jewel?

Who qualifies?

How to donate