Who is a ‘Jewel’
bullet Underprivileged, Hard-up, Disadvantaged – girls who’s parents or guardians are unable to fund their higher education due to:- Severe illness, disability, evidential unemployment, low income, bereavement, separation, divorce, imprisonment, migration, or any other extenuating circumstances which can be documented
bullet A Jewel is a determined, committed, gifted, yet financially disadvantaged young lady aged between 18 and 23 years, who is in need of financial assistance towards her higher education.
bullet This financial assistance is instrumental in fulfilling her dream of not only receiving an education from High School or University but also graduating with knowledge to serve her community.
bullet A Jewel will aim not only to birth nations within society but revolutions that will encourage girls, young ladies and women around the world.
Jewels ethnicity
bullet European or African descent

Jewels residency

bullet UK or Africa


bullet Working towards the future without prejudice or discrimination. We will support young ladies who pass our qualification criteria, regardless of their faith or race, our simple aim is to work towards a bright and successful future for all our ‘Jewels’.

Who is a Jewel?

Who qualifies?

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